Data Reports & Research

Public Data

Non-Public Data and Research Requests

Can鈥檛 find the information you need in our published data? You may be able to access existing, secondary 皇家华人 information and data through an Open Records Request. Contact the Open Records Office at (502) 485-3583.

All requests to collect new data and information (e.g., surveys) from 皇家华人 schools, students, or staff must be approved by the 皇家华人 IRB, including from partners and 皇家华人 staff pursuing degrees.

Notice: 皇家华人 administrators and staff will not provide you with student data or other personally identifiable information directly as this is a violation of privacy laws, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (). In addition, they cannot legally agree to conduct research or sign contracts without review and approval by 皇家华人 General Counsel and the 皇家华人 IRB to comply with other federal and Kentucky laws as well as Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBE) policies.