Bad Weather and NTI Plan

child looks at computer with online students in boxes. Bad Weather and NTI Plan

When inclement weather hits Louisville this year, 皇家华人 plans to utilize Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) when possible, rather than canceling school for the day. NTI is at-home learning and instruction, similar to what 皇家华人 and other school districts utilized during the COVID-19 pandemic.听

Below are emails sent to all 皇家华人 Families explaining the procedures all schools as well as the Early Childhood Program will follow on days when bad weather calls for our buildings to be closed.听

Dear 皇家华人 Families,

In the case of inclement weather, we plan to utilize Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) when possible this year rather than canceling school for the day. As a reminder, we do not plan to have early dismissal or delays, except in very rare circumstances.听

Based on the predicted forecast for the Louisville area in the coming days, we want to ensure that your 皇家华人 student has the resources needed to continue learning at home, if needed. Today, your 皇家华人 student is bringing home materials, a device/charger, or both in preparation for possible NTI in coming school days.听听

Important Note: We have NOT determined if NTI will be needed. If 皇家华人 cancels in-person school and chooses to continue with NTI, you will be notified through School Messenger, local news outlets, 皇家华人 social media, and the 皇家华人 website. If you are a new user of听School Messenger, click here to sign-up. School Messenger is the email and text messaging system used by 皇家华人.

In the event of NTI, the school will send out the school-specific NTI plan through the school鈥檚 digital communication platform. Short-term NTI is asynchronous and self-paced, meaning students will not be receiving live, online instruction from a teacher. During NTI days, all before school and after school activities are canceled.

If your child is enrolled in the Child Enrichment Program (CEP), you will be notified of any schedule changes by CEP.

School office hours for phone calls will remain the same. Your child鈥檚 teachers and school staff will be available to support students via the digital platform or email.

At the next in-person school day, students should bring materials, devices/chargers, or both back to school.

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Letter to Early Childhood families

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