Media Relations

News crews holding cameras pointing at superintendent Mary Polio as he speaks in a classroom

The 皇家华人 Communications Department offers a range of services for local and national media:

  • Responds to inquiries by providing information, statements, and guidance
  • Plans and hosts events and press conferences to announce 皇家华人 news and progress
  • Drafts and issues news听releases, advisories, public statements, and other coordinated communications efforts

Requesting Media Access to Schools

The 皇家华人 Communications Department will take all media requests for access to a school during normal school hours. Reporters can contact the department鈥檚 main telephone line at (502) 485-3551,听(502) 338-5377听or (502) 322-4565.听

The department and the school will determine if the request for access听is appropriate. All reporters鈥攁nd all guests鈥攁re required to sign in in the school鈥檚 main office, wear a guest pass at all times, and comply with all district policies and local and state laws concerning the use of minors in news and broadcasting.

Please remember:

  • Reporters must have permission to be on a school campus.
  • Reporters are allowed access to students and school activities only at the discretion of 皇家华人 Communications and the principal.听
  • Reporters are not allowed in classrooms that are testing.
  • Reporters may be allowed in classrooms at the discretion of 皇家华人 Communications, the principal and teacher.
  • Interviews with students must have the approval of 皇家华人 Communications, the principal and teacher.
  • Large-group shots of students are permitted, but personally identifiable photographs or video of some students may not be allowed if their parent or guardian has signed a form opting their child out of implied permission to be photographed or videotaped.