Printing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Editing, Variable Data

Materials Production offers quick copy and printing services as well as editing, graphic design, web design, large poster and banner听production, and commercial-quality printing. Because we are a department within 皇家华人, customers only pay to cover the cost of materials. For services like graphic design, web design, and editing, there is no charge.

Having projects produced in-house provides听the added benefit of working with a staff who understands your needs and supports the vision of the district. Projects can be emailed, faxed, or delivered directly to our office. Upon completion, we will Pony the finished product to you or you may pick it up.

The services and materials we provide include ads, banners, booklets, bookmarks, brochures, business cards, certificates, covers, curriculum guides, door-hanger cards, envelopes, fliers, folders, forms, handbooks, invitations, letterhead, logo and mascot design, magnets, maps, newsletters, note cards, postcards, posters, programs, stickers, T-shirt design, and Web design.

To guarantee that graphic design projects can be started when you want, call (502) 485-3302 to reserve production time.