Fern Creek's Mindfulness Program Helped Tigers On and Off the Field

Fern Creek football players did yoga throughout the year

By Dyuce Woodson

Nov. 14, 2023 - Even though the Fern Creek High School football season ended on Friday, the Tigers are hoping a new habit was formed throughout the season.听

This year, the Tigers started doing yoga. Koki Harris is the team's wellness coach and she noticed how the players progressed over the season.听

"When I first began, I think a lot of them were kind of nervous about the idea of it. And now, I've realized, a lot of times, they will come to me and say, 'Ms. Koki, can we work on this today?' or 'Can we work on hips because my hip is bothering me,'" Harris said. "When we first started the program, they'd complain a lot about it and now they just get down and I think they realize that it makes them feel better overall."听