One Family, Three Generations at Chenoweth Elementary

Hallway hugs among top perks of spending their days together

By Juliann Morris

Two adults and two students smile.
Nov. 16, 2023鈥擟henoweth Elementary School Nurse Tammy Gordon says her school is a special place where everyone feels like family, which perhaps isn鈥檛 that surprising considering she sees her daughter and granddaughters at work every day.

Gordon鈥檚 daughter Britni Gray is an Exceptional Child Education instructional assistant at Chenoweth, and Gray鈥檚 two daughters also attend the school.听

From hallway hugs to afterschool hangs, Gordon and Gray say it鈥檚 a unique blessing to work and learn with three generations of family members in the same building.

鈥淐henoweth is amazing,鈥 Gordon said. 鈥淓verybody here treats you like family, and it鈥檚 very community oriented. We鈥檙e happy to be here together.鈥

Gray鈥檚 kindergarten daughter Violette starts most mornings eating breakfast in her mom鈥檚 classroom and ends most days hanging with her grandma in the nurse鈥檚 office, a routine she said she loves.

Her older sister, second grader Scarlette, said one of her favorite parts of having her family around are the hallway hugs.

鈥淎nytime I see Violette, I get out of line so we can hug each other,鈥 Scarlette said.听

Gray agreed, midday squeezes are one of the best parts of having everyone under one roof.

鈥淚f I鈥檓 coming down the hallway and I see them, I grab them for a hug,鈥 Gray said.听

Gordon and Gray worked together previously at a pharmacy and said they enjoy the perks of being together. For Gray, that often includes a lunch packed by her mom.

鈥淚 usually get a text, 鈥渨hat鈥檚 for lunch,鈥 Gordon said. 鈥淎nything I have, she has, so if I have a packed lunch, she gets some of it. If we go out, she gets some of it.鈥

Being together in the same school also makes it convenient for Gordon and Gray to enjoy those special moments with Violette and Scarlette, like field trips and school celebrations.

When the workday runs long for their mom, Violette and Scarlette get to spend quality time with their grandma after school. If one of the girls feels bad during school, they get the care of not just a nurse, but their loving grandma.听

鈥淚f I get hurt I can go to grandma,鈥 Violette said. 鈥淚t鈥檚 good.鈥