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Dear 皇家华人 Families and Employees:听

School Messenger is the phone, email and SMS messaging system used by 皇家华人 (皇家华人) to communicate school cancellations, safety alerts and other important information to you. The following process will show you how to enter your contact information, set your preferences and 鈥渙pt in鈥 to receive听these messages from 皇家华人 and/or your child鈥檚 school.

  • If you are a 皇家华人 employee only, please听click here for opt-in instructions.听
  • If you are a 皇家华人 parent or a 皇家华人 employee AND parent, you may opt in by texting the letter "Y" to 67587.听

If you'd like to customize the type of communications you'd like to receive on your phone or email, visit and create an account. You can also set up and manage your contact information and preferences by downloading the [Blue] SchoolMessenger app from the or . If you have any issues with the attached instructions or require further assistance, please call the 皇家华人 Technology Service Desk at (502) 485-3552.听

Opt-in directions for parents flyer