New Students

How to Enroll

皇家华人 offers a wide range of programs for students from 4听years old through grade twelve. Early Childhood Programs (available for students age 4) prepare children socially, physically, emotionally, and educationally for elementary school. Full-day, half-day, and home-based programs are available. Some programs are free. Others are tuition-based.

Elementary schools, which serve kindergarten through fifth-grade students, are grouped into clusters of five to eight schools. Each student鈥檚 cluster is determined by their home address. Elementary students may apply to a magnet school or program.

Students in middle听and high school听are assigned to the school that serves their home address. An application is not required for a student to attend this school. If a student lives in the Choice Zone and is in a transition grade (grade six or nine), they will be required to make a close-to-home or far-away selection. Middle and high school students may choose to apply online to a magnet school or program.

Registration and Application Process

New Students

  • Register: Students who have not previously attended a 皇家华人 school, including all incoming kindergartners, must , at any 皇家华人 elementary school, or at the Office of School Choice. Returning 皇家华人 students who have registered in the past don鈥檛 need to register again.
  • Provide Proof of Residence:听Proof of residency in听Jefferson County is required. You can provide this听听after you have submitted your registration. Attach valid proof of residence, which can be an LG&E or water bill, a paycheck or paycheck stub, a lease, a contract on a home, or SSI or other government benefit award letter.
  • Apply: After your address has been verified, you鈥檒l receive an activation key that will let you access the application for an elementary zone (required for an elementary school assignment), Choice Zone,听or magnet schools/programs or Academy of Louisville Programs.

Current Students

Current 皇家华人 students do not need to register before they apply to a school or program. They may go directly to the .听

Applications are required only for elementary students who are entering kindergarten for the first time, elementary students who have moved, Choice Zone students, and students at all grade levels who want to apply to a magnet school/program or Academy of Louisville Program.

You may register your child for school regardless of immigration status and/or a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. If a student lacks this type of residence; has a temporary living arrangement because of economic hardship or temporary foster care placement; or lives in a shelter, hotel, or family member鈥檚 residence, the student may qualify for the Office of Access and Opportunity. Call (502) 485-3650 or send an email to